Hi Friends! Welcome to Grandma’s house! The ideas you read about here are written by me, a 31 year old mom of two (one boy and one girl), with a background in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.  These days my time is spent juggling raising kids, being a wife, co-leading various Bible study groups at church, maintaining a home, meal planning, couponing and practicing t-ball, soccer and basketball.   My husband and I will celebrate 9 years of marriage this June.  In those nine years I have learned a LOT, not only about marriage to my husband but also about marriage, family and life with Christ at the center of it all.  I have learned that the simple things are to be cherished, slowing down isn’t a bad thing and being a strong woman isn’t as important as being a Godly woman.  That’s what Building Grandma’s House is, a journey to creating simpler, slower, more Biblical homes built entirely on His word.  My prayer is that through Him, my words will inspire women to embrace their homes, families and lives the way He intended us to.


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